Soul Purpose Jewellery was established in March 2020 by mum of two Suzanne Pattinson. Following her career in Public Relations, the 34 year old military spouse started her silversmithing journey as a way of fulfilling her desire to create. 

"As a new parent I struggled with my identity and couldn’t see how my previous career would give me balance as a mum and as a military spouse.

"Being a “frustrated creative” meant that I had explored many avenues, trying to find something that sparked my soul and made me feel like I could create a successful business.

"The minute I walked into a Cambridge workshop in 2019 and picked up a saw, I felt alive. I knew from that minute that I had found my new path in life."

As we entered the first lockdown of the COVID pandemic, Soul Purpose Jewellery was born and it continues to grow. 



In 2021 Suzanne designed a collection of jewellery for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Her collection can be viewed here

Following this Suzanne and her family relocated to the Ribble Valley and she has set up a series of Jewellery Making Workshops across Lancashire and has most recently launched North West Jewellery School. 

"My journey was accelerated by the pandemic but also because of my desire to move into a more creative stage of my life. I aim to create modern jewellery that will be loved and adored. Customer experience is at the heart of Soul Purpose Jewellery and I love knowing that people can come to me for their jewellery, knowing that quality, style and service go hand in hand." 

Suzanne sometimes takes her jewellery collections on the road and can be booked for motivational speaking, workshops and more. 

"My desire to create signature, bold and creative jewellery comes from a passion for quality, a love of precious metals and a commitment to making people feel happy. With so much fast jewellery available, I am striving to produce items that will be loved for years to come.    

"But Soul Purpose Jewellery is about so much more than that. It is a feeling, it is a connection and it is about people coming together to celebrate some of the happiness in life, whether that be spending time with a loved one at a workshop, commissioning a bespoke piece, recycling some heirloom inherited jewellery or just coming together to appreciate gemstones and the craftsmanship."

If you have any specific requests, Suzanne can be contacted directly via the contact us page. 

"My heart and soul goes into each and every piece and everything is designed with purpose. I create personalised, authentic jewellery that will help you connect with your inner self." 

Made with soul. Made with purpose. Wear with love.