About Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is me, Suzanne, mum of two boys and military wife. I started my silversmithing journey after having my two boys. As a new mum I struggled with my identity and couldn’t see how my previous career would give me balance as a mum and as a military spouse.

Being a “frustrated creative” meant that I had explored many avenues, trying to find something that sparked my soul and made me feel like I could create a business that would give me more freedom. The minute I walked into a workshop and picked up a saw, I felt alive. I knew from that minute that I had found my new path in life. 


My desire to create signature, bold and creative jewellery comes from a passion for quality, a love of precious metal and a commitment to making people feel happy. With so much fast jewellery available, I am striving to produce items that will be loved for years to come.    

My heart and soul goes into each and every piece and everything is designed with purpose. I create personalised, authentic sterling silver jewellery that will make you feel bold and beautiful. 

Made with soul. Made with purpose. Wear with love.