Say it with personalised jewellery

What better way to say thank you, I love you or I appreciate you than with a piece of personalised jewellery. 

Personalised jewellery is the perfect present, giving you the chance to gift something sentimental and stylish!

Here at Soul Purpose Jewellery, we have a whole range of personalised jewellery that is handmade and that can be hand stamped with personal messages, names, coordinates, symbols and dates.

Why not give a friend a personalised necklace, personalised ring or personalised bangle - there's something for every occasion.

With handmade personalised jewellery comes the added sentiment that the piece will be one of a kind and who doesn't love a unique, bespoke, one of a kind gift for a milestone birthday, wedding gift, Christmas present, graduation or any other occasion that deserves a special present to commemorate it in some way. 

If you are struggling for ideas when ordering your personalised jewellery, have a think about the following things to help give you inspiration: 

  • A special quote from a book, poem or film.
  • Wall art and prints can often have great quotes. Check Pinterest for ideas. 
  • Do you have a special place? Use Grid Reference Finder to calculate your coordinates and use these as a secret reference!
  • Morse code. Use an online morse code translator like Grammica to encode a secret message! Soul Purpose Jewellery encoded is: ... --- ..- .-.. / .--. ..- .-. .--. --- ... . / .--- . .-- . .-.. .-.. . .-. -.-- (cool right?!) 
  • On a more practical note, medical ID bracelets can also be made into personalised jewellery - although practical, they can be stylish too! 

There are many options for creating personalised jewellery and most can be hand stamped on the outside and the inside, allowing you to decide how discreet you want your message to be. 

Get creative and have some fun - the likelihood is that the recipient will be blown away with the thought that has gone into making their very own unique handmade personalised jewellery!

To view our full range of personalised jewellery, take a look here

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