Nothing says I love you like personalised jewellery

When starting Soul Purpose, I hadn’t really planned on offering personalised pieces but then the requests came in and each and every one asked for names or letters included in the design.

It dawned on me, this is what sets handmade items aside from fast fashion jewellery. Yes you can buy a cheap letter necklace, or a ring that says “hello” or something equally generic, but what you can’t do is ask them to stamp it at the till, make it personal to yourself or to the person you’re giving it to as a gift. So here lies our USP, not just me, jewellers who are sitting there and crafting each and every piece by hand. We have the ability to make a necklace, ring, bracelet... ONE of a kind! 

It also means that the piece becomes more sentimental and it’s less likely to be thrown out just as quickly as it’s been purchased. It becomes meaningful and will last a lifetime. What a wonderful way to say I love you, happy birthday, thank you or that we’re thinking of you than with a piece of personalised jewellery. 

Pop me a message if you’d like to discuss the personalisation options available, I’m always open to ideas and requests. 

Suzanne x 

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