How to keep your silver jewellery clean...

Who doesn't love sparkling clean silver jewellery?! If you’re not sure of the best way to look after your jewellery, here are some handy hints and tips to help your pieces shine!

Did you know that all silver is prone to oxidisation (it's just one of the quirks of the material). Tarnishing as it's also known, is easily fixed and there are a few things you can also do to delay and prevent it happening.  

Here are a few tips: 

Protect after use
Wearing your jewellery all day exposes it to different oils from your skin, chemicals from perfumes and hair products, alongside other substances. So, to help to protect your piece, I recommend wiping your jewellery thoroughly with a soft cloth at the end of the day.

Keep it dry!
It’s easy to forget that you’re wearing your jewellery, but try and resist showering, exercising, or swimming in it - chemicals from soaps, shampoos, sweat and chlorine can play havoc with your silver.

Avoid Perfume 

We all do it... one last spritz of perfume before we leave the house. However, try and avoid spraying it directly onto your necklaces and bracelets when applying to your neck and wrists! 

Help it shine
Take the time to polish your jewellery with a soft lint free, or non-abrasive cloth.

If your silver jewellery has tarnished and needs a little bit more TLC, try washing it with warm, soapy water – I use a very soft toothbrush, some fairy liquid and warm water to clean mine and then I finish it off with a Town Talk polishing cloth 

Put your jewellery to bed

It’s best to store your silver jewellery in a cool, dark and dry area, allowing breathable space. If you don't have an air tight jewellery box, a zip lock bag will do the job! 

It's tempting to hang it on a jewellery stand... but if you are leaving it there for a while, it will speed up the oxidisation process! 


These tips will help keep your jewellery looking its best for years to come. Each order from Soul Purpose Jewellery comes with a care card to help you keep your pieces looking their best.

Let me know how you get on and if you want any advice on particular pieces, get in touch and we can chat it through!


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